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FA Nutrition Xtreme Napalm Pre-Contest, 224 Grams (Cherry Apple)


FA Nutrition Xtreme Napalm Pre-Contest, 224 Grams (Cherry Apple)

FA Nutrition Xtreme Napalm Pre-Contest, 224 Grams (Cherry Apple)


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Pre-workout formula that provides intense energy and supports weight loss by speeding up metabolism and promoting fat burning.

Xtreme Napalm Pre-Contest
  • Boosts energy and increases focus
  • Promotes endurance during exercise
  • Reduces fatigue and muscle pain

The next generation of weight loss and energy that utilizes safe, effective, and researched ingredients to burn fat, provide intense energy and remarkable results. This fast-acting fat burner targets stored body fat, controls appetite and speeds up metabolism.

Xtreme Napalm improves buffering capacity of muscle tissue and inhibits lactate accumulation; thus, allowing you to perform long-lasting intense training sessions without feeling fatigue and muscle soreness. It also increases focus and boosts energy which is really important during intense training sessions. This supplement allows

you to stay focused and concentrated so you can cross your own physiological barriers lifting more weights, doing more repetitions or performing for longer time than ever before.

Moreover, Xtreme Napalm supplies antioxidants and electrolytes, thus ensuring that your body is properly hydrated and can perform at the highest rate for longer time.



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